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Medical Foster Homes are private homes in which a trained caregiver provides services to one -six individuals.  Some, but not all, residents are Veterans. … VA ensures that the caregiver is well trained to provide VA planned care. While living in a medical foster Home, Veterans receive Home Based PrimaryCare services.

A Medical Foster Home (MFH) is an adult foster home where Veterans who are unable to live independently can live in a family like setting under the care and supervision of a caregiver. The Medical Foster Home is chosen by the Veteran and matched with the Veteran’s specific physical, social, and emotional needs.

Medical Foster Home placement is voluntary. The Medical Foster Home program staff can help you find a  Medical Foster Home that provides 24-hour supervision, protection, and exceptional care. You, your family, or others who are important to you and should be able to visit a home before making a decision.      

Services Provided

Medical foster homes provide:

Home-like setting

Private/semi-private rooms

Flexibility and choice

24 hour care/supervision

Three meals/snacks daily

Personalized care

Socialization and recreation

Medication management

Case Management

Home visits from VA staff     

Who Is Eligible for a Medical Foster Home?

If you are a patient at the Salisbury VA Medical Center and have needs that can no longer be met in your home, you may be eligible.

Care needed may include:

· Nursing home placement

· Complex physical care

· Medication management

· Mental health issues

· Memory issues/dementia

Common health concerns may include heart disease, diabetes, substance abuse, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, and brain injury.

There is a charge for the Medical Foster Home. The rate is based on the needs of the Veteran. The cost is paid by the Veteran and may be paid using a combination of private income, social security, savings, and VA income. Charges are based on your care needs and financial resources.

You and the caregiver will sign a private care agreement that covers the care needed, the rate, rights, and responsibilities. 

A Medical Foster Home can be an option to assisted living and nursing home.

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